Family at the Stand

Over our many years of operation, our employees are no longer considered employees but part of the family. We treat everyone with the respect they deserve and thrive in our own culture we have cultivated over the years. All of the people who work alongside us are close friends and family. Each interaction we make, whether it be with our family or our customers, has contributed to the way our company culture has developed. Everyone is always smiling, even through the burning heat and freezing cold, and that is what makes our happiness so contagious. Our family truly is amazing and so are our customers. It is our goal to make everyone feel as if the Firework Stand is their second home and will always be welcome. It is our job to spread the joy to the next family member through our fireworks. We know that no matter what you buy, it will keep the fun going until we see you on your next trip Burch Fireworks.